Hymns from Nineveh - On tour in pictures

Lieb has jumped on the tour bus of danish band Hymns From Nineveh to document the vibe off stage.


In 2015 I was asked by singer Jonas H. Petersen to create the cover to Hymns from Nineveh’s new album Sunday Music.

To be able to do so I wanted to know the band a little better, so I asked if could jump on the tour bus and snap some photos.

The idea was to catch a glimpse of the internal dynamics between the band members off stage as well as on stage. I had brought two polaroid cameras and my Fuji X-A2–a retro style tourist camera with a good 18-55 mm lens.

I knew Jakob and Nikolaj from an annual peace festival near Toulouse in france that our friends arranged. But I didn’t know the rest, and very little the frontman and singer Jonas.